Metal Basket Salt Lamp


Real high-quality Himalayan rock salt.

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Not only do they look beautiful, when lit these high quality lamps help us to feel tranquil and relaxed. The Plug in Warmer comes in a branded box and supplied with a 9W bulb.

They also have lots of health benefits too :
✨Natural anti depressant.
✨Increases blood flow.
✨Boosts Serotonin levels.
✨Reduces Asthma symptoms.
✨Increases energy levels.
✨Reduces stress.
✨Improves breathing.
✨Improves sleeping.
✨Air purification and mood lighting for ambiance.

Widely Used – Use as a bedroom night light, living room light, kitchen light, hallway light or anywhere in your home you want to bring a gentle glowing mood light to feel tranquil and relaxed and help aiding in purifying the air.

Comes with bulb E14 Pygmy, Easily replaceable, emits soft warming glow, this particular fitting takes up to 10w Maximum, On/Off Switch.

Additional information

Additional Information

CE Approved, ROHS Compliant, 220v-240v, Comes in a branded window box.

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